Fairs and exhibitions

Otos can be a very convenient tool for exhibition and fair centres' when they want to know what kind of routes people take during exhibitions. Otos helps in indicating how many people visited certain booths and areas of the centre. It provides hard evidence where the best locations are in the centre and allows to charge for them accordingly. Furthermore, Otos system can be used in the planning of the layouts for future events.

By using Otos the exhibition organisers can easily give more detailed and statistical information to exhibitors on how many people visited stands and how the numbers stand compared to other exhibitors' visitors. In other words Otos can give proof on how interesting and appealing a stand and its activities are to visitors. This information will help exhibitors plan their ensemble better for upcoming events.

About Where Otos applies to?

  • Overview

    Otos reports utilization of your premises in detail.

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  • Fairs

    Counts passing and visiting persons.

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  • Outdoor marketing

    Count your audience.

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  • Retails

    Count also dwell time and follow the hit rate.

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  • Traffic

    Optimize traffic flow and avoid queues.

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  • Public areas

    Offer better service for the citizens.

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  • Sport facilities

    Let your customer choose their best time for sports.

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