Are public spaces populated?


Otos is unbeaten tool to measure and report usage and vistor numbers of playing grounds, open air concerts and parks.

Determining the true use of open areas such as playgrounds and parks can be very hard indeed. Otos system can easily provide accurate information on such locations. It counts precisely how many people have been on the target area during a certain time period. In addition to counting the volume of people, Otos can provide useful information on which specific parts and e.g. which toys of the location are popular and which not. Furthermore, Otos has also proved to be very handy when planning and timing the maintenance works of the locations.

About Where Otos applies to?

  • Overview

    Otos reports utilization of your premises in detail.

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  • Fairs

    Counts passing and visiting persons.

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  • Outdoor marketing

    Count your audience.

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  • Retails

    Count also dwell time and follow the hit rate.

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  • Traffic

    Optimize traffic flow and avoid queues.

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  • Public areas

    Offer better service for the citizens.

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  • Sport facilities

    Let your customer choose their best time for sports.

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