Retails and shopping centers

Otos counts customers in retails, and shopping centers. Its unbeatable to give specified reports of dwell time and count each corridors separately inside the shop. Achieve foremost cost benefits by integrating Otos people counting to existing surveillance system. 

One key objective of a shopping centre and a shop is to generate customer activity and thus increase sales. By measuring the number of customers attracted to a location is a critical factor in determining the success. Otos is a very convenient tool for examining accurately the customer volumes. Within a centre the Otos system can provide information on which shops and sections of the centre people prefer i.e. the general distribution of customers. Whereas within a shop Otos can tell e.g. which clothing brands and sections of the shop are the most appealing to customers. If so desired the system can also report on the quality of customers i.e it can indicate the numbers of actual buyers.

In addition to accurate statistical data on visitor volume, Otos tells shopping centres and shopkeepers the walking routes and directions of customers and lets them analyse the data in detail. Otos makes it also possible to analyse and compare the routes and distribution of customers and the usage of doors.

Besides the visitor volume Otos generates many benefits for shopkeepers. They will be able to verify the response to their marketing campaigns and how successful the campaigns have been in attracting people. Otos can also help the shopkeepers in evaluating the efficiency of other promotional events and their sales staff. The system provides assistance when shopkeepers need to optimise the volume of their personnel, since they will be able to compare the real visitor volume to the number of their personnel. The system also gives a hand when planning the opening hours and timing the breaks of personnel. According to the Otos statistics shopkeepers will be able to predict accurately the time periods - seasons, weeks, days or even hours - when they will be needing extra help. In addition, Otos system can be a very valuable asset when planning the layouts of shops.

Otos lets retailers understand and be aware of the peak occupancy periods and trends which in turn allows them to manage resources far more accurately than before. The system can be used in measuring and comparing levels of occupancy before and after marketing campaigns and refurbishments. Otos can also enhance the retailers' knowledge of shoppers e.g. age and gender. The knowledge that Otos provides lets shopkeepers understand their current locations better. It also lets them evaluate the benefits of refurbishments and redevelopments. Otos information lets shopkeepers and centres understand the prime advertising positions within shopping areas.

About Where Otos applies to?

  • Overview

    Otos reports utilization of your premises in detail.

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  • Fairs

    Counts passing and visiting persons.

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  • Outdoor marketing

    Count your audience.

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  • Retails

    Count also dwell time and follow the hit rate.

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  • Traffic

    Optimize traffic flow and avoid queues.

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  • Public areas

    Offer better service for the citizens.

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  • Sport facilities

    Let your customer choose their best time for sports.

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