Sport Facilities

Initially, Otos has been developed to measure the realized utilization and usage of sport facilities. Otos is -best buy- service for public and private sport facilities who wants to make fact based decisions based on reliable customer count and occupancy information.  Otos Sports service extends counting to analysis also in open spaces unlike the traditional counters which are restricted to above the entrances.

Otos equals precise statics

  • Visitor and customer count
  • Occupancy
  • Amount of sports perfromances
  • Classified object

Otos is highly suitable for different indoor and outdoor sports locations and areas such as: 

  • swimming pools and arenas
  • gyms
  • jogging and skiing tracks
  • trecking paths
  • track and field arenas
  • soccer fields
  • ice hockey rings
  • beaches
  • playgrounds and parks
If your point of interest is not mentioned, please feel free to ask for suitability. Contact us.

Let your customer choose their best time for sports performance

People interested in sports can now easily choose the most suitable time for their activity. Otos provides sports enthusiasts with reliable information on usage history and predictions of use in addition to up-to-date information on occupancy of the location.

The information can be made easily available for customers via the location's website. This knowledge can balance the usage and, thus, improve customer experience and stimulate the utilisation rate of different areas within the location.

About Where Otos applies to?

  • Overview

    Otos reports utilization of your premises in detail.

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  • Fairs

    Counts passing and visiting persons.

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  • Outdoor marketing

    Count your audience.

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  • Retails

    Count also dwell time and follow the hit rate.

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  • Traffic

    Optimize traffic flow and avoid queues.

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  • Public areas

    Offer better service for the citizens.

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  • Sport facilities

    Let your customer choose their best time for sports.

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