Say no for traffic jams!

Otos is ideal for traffic calculations since it can provide extensive amount of information on traffic flow. The system counts accurately how many vehicles pass the counting site. At the same time, Otos can detect and identify different vehicle types, distinguish between cyclists and pedestrians and categorise them all accordingly. This vast amount of information can be further categorised by time periods. In addition, Otos is able to tell the speed and the directions of the objects passing the counting site. The provided information can help the authorities enormously in decision making and in the development of infrastructure.

The accurate data supplied by Otos can be put to good use when planning and developing traffic routes and maintenance works. The system can bring great benefits to the development work related to future traffic routes, since it can reveal the most problematic sections of the existing routes. With the help from the Otos system the maintenance works can be timed as fluently as possible and so that they affect the lives of people as little as possible. The information gathered by Otos can also be very useful when planning the smoothness and transitions of traffic lights - when and where green lights are most needed?

Otos can give reliable predictions of the traffic flows in different routes and periods, which is naturally very interesting information for people using the routes in question. This information can be transmitted to people either via website, wapsite or e.g. screens along the routes.

About Where Otos applies to?

  • Overview

    Otos reports utilization of your premises in detail.

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  • Fairs

    Counts passing and visiting persons.

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  • Outdoor marketing

    Count your audience.

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  • Retails

    Count also dwell time and follow the hit rate.

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  • Traffic

    Optimize traffic flow and avoid queues.

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  • Public areas

    Offer better service for the citizens.

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  • Sport facilities

    Let your customer choose their best time for sports.

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