Direct information flow

Otos Service includes automatic and real-time information tranfer from different locations directly to your desktop. All gathered statistics describing the utilization of your various premises are copied and transfered in uniform format to Otos Web Service. You reach all information almost real time from your own desktop without visiting at local premises nor asking them to report.

Information is transferred via GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G-router including to Otos delivery. In the cases where data could not be transferd due short term disturbance in GSM-network or because of power cut, the analysis unit recover the data automatically into the Otos Web Service once the the problem have been repaired.

In addition to all the other benefits of automatized process there is a single nice point - You never have to remind!


About Otos Service

  • Overview

    If you have premises, you should know about their usage.

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  • Data transfer

    Stay at your work place. Let information flow!

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  • Demo

    Test it!

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