Intelligent software


  • Measures, collects, analyzes, predicts, and relays occupancy rates and visitor numbers, takes and relays live images from your premises
  • Reports gathered statistics, forecasts, and images through a browser-based web service, accessible from your desktop
  • Collects and shows images where persons were detected if needed
  • Enables you to easily add automatically updating utilization statistics, forecasts, and live images to your website and/or intranet
  • Operates automatically, continuously, and in real-time
  • Works indoors and outdoors, handles reliably also large areas
  • Backups and securely stores your data

Otos software is build on Into Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition Platfrom. Into makes it easy to develop applications which utilizes intelligent methods. Otos is developed by Intopii, which mission is Making Things Think. Into enables everybody to do so.

For further information of Into platform or our object detection and tracking technology please visit at

About Otos