Add-on counter for surveillance systems

Connect your surveillance system to Otos-service. Achieve the benefits of both.
Get now more from you earlier investment. It's cost effective to utilize existing cameras because of decreased material needs and minimized installation time. In addition to that you get your system up rapidly without big changes to your infrastructure. Otos enhance surveillance system to server a total different purposes like web-publishing od images, people counting and utilization rate measurement. Both the analog and digital surveillance cameras are easily connected to Otos. 
Get access to statistics describing your customer flow and visitor count of ntire estate, corridors or outdoor.

The simplest way to proceed is: Send us ( a copy of the image from surveillance camera, camers name and type, and we'll tell you whether counting is possible and how. Please notify, that zooming and turning of camera decreases counting accuracy. The best accuracy is achieved when camera is mounted above the counted objects.

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  • Overview

    Short overview of different ways of using Otos-service.

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  • Otos-system

    Camera based system to follow and analyze the usage of premises.

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  • Panorama counter

    Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

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  • Add-on counter for security systems

    Add people counter to surveillance cams.

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  • Webcam Counter

    Change your web camera to counting sensor

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