Different approach - same service

Depending on place, application and other needs Otos-service could implement a bit different ways. Make your choise among the multiple alternative input sources for images and counting data.

Our offering includes, Otos-system, webcam publishing service, add-on counting to your surveillance system and existing webcams.


All included packet for people & traffic counting. Otos-cameras takes several images per second to be counted by analysing unit. Analysing unit recognizes, counts and track moving objects and send  counted information of people count and utilization rate together with set of images into the Otos-server.  Delivery includes HW, SW, mobile internet access and rights to use Oto-service.

Panorama counter

Easy and cost effective way to publish fresh and updating images on webpages. Panorama counter  includes camera, internet router, mobile internet access and image  webpublishing tools.  All you need is access to the grid for electricity.

Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

Add-on counter for surveillance systems

Get more benefit from your surveillance system and connect it to Otos-service. Otos-service returns you essential stats of customer count, vistitor rate and utilization rate of your interest areas. Delivery includes all needed HW& SW.

Know more guess less!

Webcam counter

Handy opportunity to change existing webcam to  acounter. Webcam counter compiles statistics of people or  traffing flow. Utilization rate counting helps you to focus your services.

Connect your webcam to comprehensive Otos statistics service. Get more than image!


About Applications

  • Overview

    Short overview of different ways of using Otos-service.

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  • Otos-system

    Camera based system to follow and analyze the usage of premises.

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  • Panorama counter

    Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

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  • Add-on counter for security systems

    Add people counter to surveillance cams.

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  • Webcam Counter

    Change your web camera to counting sensor

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