Panorama counter

Panorama counter is for you if you:

- want to publish webcam images in your webpages
- want to count visitors or customers but statistic accuracy is enough for your purposes
- utilization rate gives you televant sight about the usage  (e.g. how many people there are in avarage during a one minute? How much it is from maximum?)
- there isn't fixed internet access available

For such cases Panorama counter is the easiest and cost effectivest counter which can publish fresh and updating images on webpages  we know.

Panorama counter together with Otos-service transfer image from outdoor to your webpages. Except the fixed ip-camera you may want to use PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) model. With PTZ camera several images from different objects and landscape could be published in preprogrammed round.

kamera internet-yksikkö



Panorama counter presents effectively your offering, environment and weather condition. For example PTZ cam within skiing track  may send zoomed picture of track, overview image of track and some images presenting snowy forest and mountain scene. All images may published serially in a same show or separately.Panorama counter  includes camera, internet router, mobile internet access and image  webpublishing tools. Otos service keeps the Panorama counter on eye and routinously checks its functions. You are free to mount Panorama counter to a mast or wall. All you need is access to the grid for electricity.

Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

About Applications

  • Overview

    Short overview of different ways of using Otos-service.

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  • Otos-system

    Camera based system to follow and analyze the usage of premises.

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  • Panorama counter

    Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

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  • Add-on counter for security systems

    Add people counter to surveillance cams.

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  • Webcam Counter

    Change your web camera to counting sensor

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