Web cam Counter

Typically web cameras are pointed to the places which are interesting to follow. Such a places includes streets, motorways, jogging paths, beaches, playing areas, gardes, motor sport centers and sport facilities. What are looked at? 

Updating camera image tells us about local weather conditions, possibility of rush and traffic jam. In addition to them some ones are just looking if anything interesting is happening there. However, your customers are making decisions based on image you show them. If you are not presenting any updating image you may just be ingnored.

Therefore, improve now the usability and attractivity of your web-cam. Thanks to image analysis at Otos-service you can inform you webpage visitors about interesting movements and publish forecast and statistics of utilization rate of e.g. equipment or specified area. Together with updating image such a stats get your customer hooked and they will get back to your site again. You get more contacts and your marketing stuff will be shown more often.

Almost every camera having ip-address could be changes to counter by connecting it to Otos-service. The easiest is if the camera image is readable from static address (e.g. http://IP_ADD/traffic_cams/image.jpg). We can also deliver a new camera and other hardwere in  such a case where the published image does not fit for counting purposes and refocusing doesn't help either. 

How about you then? Are you making decisions without sufficient information about realized utilization and vistor rates?

People counting basing on automatic image analysis gives you easy access to important information with existing cameras.Use visitor counting information to measure performance of your strore and marketing campaings. Look where people are, change your layout and have look how your customers change their behaviour.

Take one step more towards fact based decision making!

Send us link to your webcam or its IP-address to sales@otosservice.net
We'll tell you how counting may success and give you a sample set of graphs.

About Applications

  • Overview

    Short overview of different ways of using Otos-service.

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  • Otos-system

    Camera based system to follow and analyze the usage of premises.

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  • Panorama counter

    Publish images - market your services - know the utilization rate!

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  • Add-on counter for security systems

    Add people counter to surveillance cams.

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  • Webcam Counter

    Change your web camera to counting sensor

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