Flexibly to your use

Otos Service consists of Otos system, Otos Web Service and maintenance & support services. Otos System includes data collection and transfer equiptments and analysing software delivered to the customer. We want to make purchasing and use so simple it could be and therefore we offer an alternative ways of using and purchasing Otos.

Alternative ways of purchasing the Otos-System


You can simply purchace needed equiptments and pay software license fee. Purchased Otos System could be connected to Otos Web Service during the installation.


You could also lease Otos System for 12 - 24 months. In this case, you pay an opening fee after the installation and monthly fee in three months packets. If you lease the Otos System you have to order also the Otos Web Service for same time period. 

Otos services based on monthly fee

Otos Web Service and maintenance and support services are invoiced quaterly based on monthly fees. Such a services are agreed on 24 month period. In addition to monthly fee, there is an Opening Fee in first period

About Opening

  • Opening

    Make decisions based on measured facts. Open Otos Service!

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  • Purchasing alternatives

    Take Otos flexibly to your use whatever by investing or leasing.

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