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At these pages we have tried to describe Otos briefly. However, seeing tells more than these hundreds words, Do you share this opinion? If  you share it we warmly invete you to visit our service.

At the front page of Otos Service you'll find the tiny English flag. Click it and avoid learning Finnish. After choosing your preferred language you'll see at the left side the following menu: Sites, Time, Formatting.




In this section you will be able to see all the analysis computers and the cameras connected to them. This way you can easily select the cameras and counting areas of whose information you wish to examine.

Sites is organised in the following way

    * Analysis computer
    * Camera
    * Counting area and statistics

When you click on the plus sign in front of the analysis computers and cameras you will be able to see listings of cameras and/or counting areas. When the sign is clicked again they will disappear.

By clicking the name of the analysis computer you will be able to see information on the server. The information disappears when you click the name again. When you click the name of the camera or the counting area you will be able to see the images provided by the system.The images will disappear when you click the name again. This feature also helps users to edit the order of the images.

The names of the counting areas are visible above the images. When you move your mouse on top of the name of a counting area you will see the actual area drawn on the image.

From the calender you can select the time period you wish to take a look at. When you click the year and the name of a month you will be able to see the information provided by that certain time period. The time periods can be easily changed by clicking the arrows next to them.

By clicking the number of a week on the left side of the calender you will see the statistics from the entire week. When the number of a particular day is clicked the information of that exact day will become visible. At the same time a new menu becomes visible underneath the calender. The menu lets you examine that day’s statistics closer by giving you information on hourly basis.

The daily and weekly forecasts are easily accessed by choosing some future day or week.

With the help of formatting you could change the placing of images and statistics. You can organize your data from 1 to 4 columns.

Views can be set as default for each user account.

Step in and research!

Otos tells more than thousands images.
With this short introduction we welcome you to step in!

Please log-in into Otos Service from the upper site of this page by giving the following account:"demo".
Don't waste your time cracking the password. There aren't any.

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