Activity Tracking Service for Premises

Otos is an essential service for organizations like retail chains, shopping centers and sports facilitity operators, who can benefit from knowing the utilization of their premises. Otos provides them with the tools to measure, collect, analyze, predict, relay, and report occupancy rates and visitor numbers automatically and in real time.

Using the service removes the need for guessing and makes it possible to properly target resources and base plans on real information about utilization. Unlike traditional visitor counting and camera monitoring solutions, Otos is an uncomplicated service that provides comprehensive activity information from indoor and outdoor areas and is able to predict future activity trends.

Collecting Data

Otos IP-cameras take and send live images to the analysis unit. Analysis unit extracts, counts, and tracks relevant moving objects from the images and sends the information to the Otos server.

Reporting and publishing

Otos server stores, analyzes, and reports the information to the user. All reports gathered statistics, forecasts, and images through a browser-based web service, are accessible from your desktop.You can easily  add automatically updating utilixation statistics, forecasts, and live images to your website and/or intranet.


Otos Service Provider automaticly keep on eye performance of data collecting and controls service accessiblity. In case of disturbed data collection we correct the situation remotely.


About Otos Service

  • Overview

    If you have premises, you should know about their usage.

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  • Data transfer

    Stay at your work place. Let information flow!

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