Otos - Activity Tracking Service for Premises


Otos provides you with the tools to measure, collect, analyze, predict, relay, and report occupancy rates and visitor numberts automatically and real time. Moreover, it takes and relays live images from your premises.

To whom?

Otos is an essential service for organizations  who can benefit from knowing the utilization of their premises. Such organizations are retails, shopping centers and sport facility operators among the others. Otos provides benefits also for your ordinary customers. Look more from here.


Using the service removes the need for quessing and makes it possible to properly target resources and base plans on real inforamation about the utilization. Unlike traditional visitor counting and camera monitoring solutions, Otos is an uncomplicated service that provides comprehensive activity information from indoor and outdoor areas ans is able to presict future activity trends.


IP cameras take and send live images to the analysis unit. Analysis unit extracts, counts, and tracks relevant moving objects from the images and sends the information to the Otos server. Otos server stores, analyzes, and reports the information to the user 


Counting cameras and analysis unit are placed to your premises. Otos server is at ours. This enables you to easily  add automatically updating utilixation statistics, forecasts, and live images to your website and/or intranet. All reports gathered statistics, forecasts, and images through a browser-based web service, are accessible from your desktop.

From where?

Otos service is provided by us and we deliver the systems directly or with the help of our partners. Depending on your location and business branch Otos is available from security and surveillance companies, estate automation companies and other visitor counting companies. Contact us to order.


About Otos